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The dangers of purchasing black market hair extensions

Relaxed to natural hair care and tips?

Relaxed to natural hair care and tips?

Question: hello im 15 and ihve fully relaxed hair i just relaxed this july and after i officual decided to go natural oh im 100% honduran if that matters. my relaxed hair doesnt grow so im excited to go natural i have decided to go natural and beed advice on starting my journey this september i will get a partial sew and i need care tips for my hair underneath the weave since i will be transitioning weave. like how to wash etc
and i also so not want to do the big chop since i trimmed a good portion of my hair already as you can see in the image..
im dying for long healthy hair at least bra strap length i just need someone to help me

Greetings Young Lady, 
Love the fact that you are going to go natural. I will give you my top ten tips. 
1. Moisture is your new BFF. Anything that comes between you and your BFF you must let it go and this includes hair styles, wigs, and weaves. 
2. Sleep on satin princess. To retain length you need to keep breakage at bay and that means satin scarf or satin pillow case (pillow cases are how I cheat, which reminds me I need to put one on my pillow) every night. Every night! 
3. Refresh daily. A refresher is a bottle of water as the base. Some add smell good oils, olive oil, leave in conditioner, etc. However the base is water and hair should be misted daily followed by number 4. 
4. Oil is your other BFF. After adding moisture oil helps seal in the oil. Using various types will depend on your hair type which you did not mention. The more higher in number the more oil/fatty acid/butter you will need to help seal it in. 
5. Heat is not your friend. Heat will damage your hair faster than any other hairstyle that naturalist do, and is so far I have seen the number one cause of hair damage to naturalist that causes them to start over. 
6. Wigs and weaves are cool to hang out with but not to keep on a long term consistent basis. This is because the edges of your hair a more prone to breakage with consistent pulling they do and this is the same as braids. 
7. Big Chop oh yes it did go there. I am a strong advocate for jumping right in the pool to get wet. I do not put one foot in then the other and then I am eventually in the pool. I see this in women and their first complaint is that they have damaged their hair because of heat. IJS 
8. NO STRESS. You want you hair to grow right, get rid of stress. Hair down the back will be achieved faster when you do not stress out and find way to relieve stress through exercise, meditation, chi gong, screaming, writing something, anything to get the stress out. 
9. Patience. on average hair grow about 1/4 to 1 inch per month. Track yours then do the math so you have an realistic goal. 
10. Protien is needed. Hair is 90% protein so give it what it needs to grow both on the hair and in the body. 

Hope this helps, 
Melia V.…



How to get healthier hair?


Question: My hair is very fine, and it’s always been like that but the problem is that it’s not thick enough or strong enough. I’m taking hair skin and nails pills but it still seems weak to me. How can I make it so that my hair isn’t prone to breaking and cutting so easily?any ideas? I’m African American btw, and my hair is collar bone length? -Janedoh


I am unsure about the thicker portion but the strength can be helped by giving your hair what it needs. The hair is 90% protein. By ingesting protein and using protein based conditioners when you wash or condition your hair will help you. Using a reconstructor will help do this at every season change. Henna is also good in strengthening the hair, adding moisture, and shine. Either way your hair needs protein. 

Dear Celebrities Please Stop Straightening Your Hair Meena’s Plea



White blogger wants curly celebrities to stop straightening their hair, but did not mention not one African American woman to stop straightening her hair nor did she praise any black woman for embracing their natural hair. Natural hair movement is big she should have at least mentioned it in order to make her blog post more robust and well rounded.


Dear celebrities, please stop straightening your hair! A curly-haired fan’s plea by Meena H. Duerson

Yahoo Best Answer: My hair wont grow :(?

Yahoo Best Answer: My hair wont grow :(?

Question: I cut my hair about 4 years to right above my shoulders and havent cut it since then and its only maybe 3 or 4 inches passed my shoulders. What can I do to help it grow ? -Corrina


Some of the comments are right on.

Your hair is made up of 90% protein. Ingesting protein is a good way to give your body what it needs to grow. It also is made up of 70% water. Are you drinking enough and is it quality water. I was able to grow my hair one inch per month by drinking structured water. I love it and it leaves my hair amazingly soft. 

Second are you sleeping with a satin scarf or on a satin pillow case? Walmart carries these now so you should have no problem retaining the length you do have. And lastly using a leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized is the last thing I would recommend. 

Let me know how it goes. 
Melia V. 




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