In Hiatus, I Learned how to Grow Breasts Naturally — Keep Reading!

In Hiatus, I Learned how to Grow Breasts Naturally — Keep Reading!

Goddess Breasts Program

How You Can Learn To Grow Your Breasts Naturally -- keep reading!  

Many of you know me as the Curly Crown, the natural hair diva answering questions about how to keep your hair natural. Last year, my communication dwindled.

Tantric Breast Enhancement Program

Here's why:

For a little over one year, I immersed myself in Tantric studies. Just this past December, I discovered how to do cell migration while in my level three class. Particularly, to the breast region of the body.

So why is this so important? Well, like many “naturalistas” around the world, whether organic, curly-haired, vegan, or label-reading, I’ve experienced some of the pitfalls that come with being a woman who’s had children and breastfed. Unfortunately, one of the rewards of the “labor of love” process is that our boobs go south for the winter. Other mothers can relate I'm sure. 

I breastfed my son for two years. I did everything: oatmeal, fenugreek, avoided spicy foods and cabbage... for two whole years. I battled opposition in the workplace at BASF when I had to manage my twelve hour shift and make time to pump at least three times in the locker room. Most of the time, I pumped in one hand and ate lunch in the other. I made it happen because it was important to me even though I saw the 'girls' starting to migrate.

Then there were other challenges, like my child's caregiver at the DOD Child Development Center, who sees children from six weeks to six years of age, not wanting to give my preschooler his breast milk because handling breast milk in a sippy cup just plain freaks her out. It's just another slap in the face for the effort and sacrifices I made.

I am still scratching my head on that one, and I am sure you have your own stories to share as well.

Let's jump from the past into the present, shall we? I can tell so many stories about the phenomenal discoveries I made in the Tantric studies, but for now let's talk about breast. I was able to grow my breasts naturally from a "B" cup to a "D" cup; go from four arms back to two; from sag to perky; youthful and full. It reminded me of my teenage years.

I am so proud of my "girls" and the way they look without the help of surgery or getting slapped. Yes, slapped! Believe it or not, there is actually a woman in Singapore who slaps the fat from your back to your breast!

Best of all I grew my breasts naturally!

I discovered my technique through proper nutrition sequence, polarity energy healing, and ancient eastern herbs. I want to share it. I have to.

If you looked in the mirror after having your children and felt the way I did, then you need to try this. I will coach you every step of the way, and once you get your breasts to the way you desire, 

I want you to sing it to the world!

I’ve included the link below for you to learn more.


I want you to sing it to the world!

Olympics meet the Egyptian Gods

Olympics meet the Egyptian Gods

Only $20.00 for a Months Supply

 scalp foodThe Perfect Water + Metabolic Factors = Hair Growth

This is where the Olympics meet the Egyptian Gods combining to give you the best durn hair growth spray on this side of the galaxy! Here's why:

              • Excellent Moisturizer
              • Scalp Food to Increase Hair Growth
              • All Natural Contains only: Hexagonal Water, Oxygen, Potassium, and Salt

"I used it on my hair the first night - felt incredibly soft when I dried it." S. Lewis.

With Bio-avaliable Structured Water  In the Hair Food You Can Expect:

  • Highly Oxygenate scalp and hair cells
  • Can Be Used Daily For a Whole Host of Hair Issues: Lack of Growth, Dry Scalp, Eczema, Breakage.
  • Give your Hair Exactly What It Needs
  • Great Cucumber like smell
  • Flushing out of bacteria the inhibits hair growth
  • Extreme Moisture making hair feel luxuriously soft
  • Can be added to your daily refresher to boost potency

"I like this product, would buy it again."-dogsyess 

 "My daughter never really had a lot of hair in the back of her head, due to having 4 brain surgeries by the time she was 9 months old. I tried other recipes from elders but nothing seemed to penetrate real growth. We got your hair growth spray this past summer and WOW!!! Blessing's hair has grown insanely fast AND its gotten much thicker! There has been about 3 and a half inches of growth and we are not even at the halfway point with bottle two! We are lifetime customers and highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone that wants REAL results quickly! I cant sing your praises enough! I will be making a BIG order soon! This would make i wonderful gift for someone that may have thinning issues as well. Blessing is growing hair on her temples and her nape - both of which were BARE! THANK YOU for this amazing product! I look forward to a long and productive connection with CurlyCrown!" -S. Gipson

So What Are You Waiting For? Get it Now!    

Only $20.00 for a Months Supply

scalp food

Only $20.00 for a Months Supply


Does a perm really ruin your hair?

Does a perm really ruin your hair?

Question: Does a perm really ruin your hair? -Luna

Greetings Luna,

By perm do you mean a relaxer, no-lye formula, cream of nature, dark and lovely in the box don't scratch your scalp one week before you get a perm or it will burn relaxer.

Or the grease your edges and keep it in on longer than 12 minutes to get it extra straight burning the scalp perm.

I can't speak for other hair types save for 4c/4b texture woman. My hair has never grown as long with a perm as it has natural. 

Furthermore from what I see. I have never see a whole lot of black women with long hair when they had a perm/relaxer, but I see a whole heck of a lot of black women with long hair who have their hair without chemicals. I am just saying. 

Melia V. 

I want my hair done like this… but my hair shrinks? ANY PROFESSIONALS THAT KNOW ALOT ABOUT HAIR?

I want my hair done like this… but my hair shrinks? ANY PROFESSIONALS THAT KNOW ALOT ABOUT HAIR?

Question: In the picture I was watching a video and she did it with her natural hair just by using perm roles? I think they're called but anyways I want my natural hair like that but unfortunately my hair shrinks when I sweat not too much but pretty sure enough to show a difference too when I first do the hair it also shrinks all the way down when it gets wet the only way I chould get my hair its biggest is to blow dry it but I dont want to keep doing that if thats the case... I also saw videos of people making their own wigs with the hair but I DO NOT want to wear wigs lol im terrified of them itsa personal problem lol, anyways I want my natural hair like that but it shrinks as I said when I sweat and I do sweat sometimes. Can I just get a perm first then do that to my hair? Or will that not work? I know I cant get it as big as hers (maybe with a few pieces of weave here amd there) but I would like to use as much as my natural hair as I can. Please help any professionals that can help me get my natural hair like that and keep it from shrinking too much?



greetings lady. I am not a professional but I do know a lot about natural hair. Ok let's talk prep. 

Your need to be moisturized before you start. So that means co-wash, deep conditioner, and finally a leave in. We don't want your hair needing moisture....this will keep the frizziness down. 

Next we need a nice curling cream. I don't know your climate, hair texture or eating habits so I can not suggest a curly cream for you but i use a mixture of gel/curly custard and mix a liquid oil. This will help form the curl and seal in the moisture. 

Roller set the hair. Let it air dry if you do not wish to use heat. 

Ooooh snap let me back up! To stretch your hair check out the Curl Tee towel video on my website. I used it to stretch my hair without a long drawn out technique. 

Ok so the hair is dry now you use a silicon to seal in the curls and reduce shrinkage. 

Tie the hair up in a loose bun and wrap in a silk/satin scarf. 

I have shrinkage too and by pineappling or loose bun keeps the hair stretch too. Silicon helps keep the moisture out of the hair and thus prevents shrinkage and frizziness too. 

Hope this helps. 
Melia V. 



Best conditioner for 4b/4c?


Question: I'm going natural and I started co washing I shop at target for natural hair products what are some good conditioners that I can get there? -drea Thomas

Drea Thomas, 
Congrats on your journey. Your question in my experience is two levels. The first is a conditioner that is very economical and cheap. We are talking Sauvé on the dollar wrack. Second is the high choice conditioner I like Hello Hydration for moisture, Aussie 3 minute miracle, and Aussie moisture. 
I use the first to just get the initial clean going and once that level is achieved I put on the good stuff. This is on average two cheap washes to one good stuff wash. I spend about five minutes on each round. On the final round of which I am usually in the shower, I leave it in and wash my body while it sitting in my hair. 

After I rinse the conditioner out I follow up with a cold rinse to seal my pores and after towel drying I put on a leave-in conditioner. Which is a must and will make all the difference in keeping your hair moisturized? 
You can check out a video I did on how I stretched my hair out using no heat and a Curl Tee towel. 

Hope this helps, 

Melia V. 






Does getting Havanna/ Marley twists done to your hair Hurt?


Question: I am getting my hair put into these twists this evening so If you could reply as soon as possible that would be great. As a tenderheaded person I would like to know if getting these lager twist done to my scalp will cause me pain. I have gotten my hair done in small box braids and it has felt like they were sewing my scalp with a 
thread and needle. So Im wondering if I get marley twist will these hurt less or not at all. It would be great if I could get answers from tenderheads, but anyone will be a large help to me... Thank you! -Angela 


Hey Lady, you are too cute. I feel your pain though. I am so tender headed that 99% of the time I do my own hair. I am in my thirties and when I go get my hair pressed by this Dominican I still get tears in my eyes. I sooooo feel your pain. 

I don’t know when you wrote this but I am going to respond anyway just in case someone else has the same question. 

No they do not hurt. They are one of a tender headed naturalists BFF hair styles on the serious note. There is no tugging or pulling of hair like with braids. With Havana twists you do not have to get it tight to the scalp to look good or last long with braids. You can now breathe a sign of relief. 

When I was young I was so tender headed that when my mom when to get the brush and comb to do my hair, everyone else in the room would get up and do something else because they knew how much hollering I was about to do. Seriously! 

I love Havana twists I do them every summer since I found out about them and I do them for the whole summer until my birthday which is coming up shortly in about a month. 

I will say that they do not last as long as twist. So you can do the short cut way which is rotate doing the front and back in order to maintain the style. I talk about this on my site. 

I so hope you let me know how it when for you. Seriously, find me on face book. 

Hope this helps, 
Melia V. 


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